Established in June 2008, Indique Dance Company has set its course to achieve an artistic composite of what is “Indian” and what is “unique”.  The dance troupe is an amalgamation of Indian Classical dancers who trained together for years and have now reunited to pursue a shared vision of new, exciting directions in Indian classical dance.  The group represents over 200 years of combined experience in Bharatha Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, folk and contemporary dance styles.




To establish a professional, classically trained dance troupe that bends all barriers to deliver performance experiences that are innovative, inspirational and unique.


Mission Statement:


Indique Dance Company’s passion for dance is its driver with variety and technique as the platform on which it runs.  The group represents a synergy of years of experience in a variety of Eastern and Western classical dance forms. 


The Company’s mission is:


To become a professional dance group that blends creativity with solid dance technique and the highest standards of quality.


Goals and Objectives:


      Indique Dance Company strives to:


-    Deliver the unexpected through the fusion of a variety of classical and semi-classical dance styles.


-    Transcend traditional themes on which classical dance is based to provide expression without limitations.


-    Reach a more diverse audience by blending modern, relevant themes with the story-telling artistry of classical dance styles.


-    To spark an interest for dance with new audiences while captivating traditional audiences.


-    To enhance the personal and professional growth and development of our audience as well as troupe members.