Akhila Rao

Born into a musical Family, Akhila Rao had the fortune of being trained by Gurus Smt. Nirmala Manjunath, Sri. Muralidhara Rao and achieved excellence under "Sangeet Natak Academi" Award receipent Guru. Smt. Narmada.

 Guru Narmada ably guided her enthusiasm and passion to excel. She has attended workshops conducted by many renowned artists including Legendary Dancer & Teacher Padma Subrahmanyam. She is trained in Carnatic Music by her mother Smt. Vimala Seetharam, a graded All India Radio" artist.


Practising the Pandanallur/Tanjore style, popular for its crisp execution of Nritta, with very well defined lines, Akhila blends the fluidity and purity of movements effortlessly. Akhila has completed dance exams conducted by the Karnataka Sangeetha Nritya Academy with distinction, which also introduced her to the theoretical concepts of Natya Sastra and Abhinaya Darpana.


Akhila has performed extensively in India and United States, notable ones being "India International Trade Fair", Russian Festival of arts and many charitable events. She has also had the privilege of participating in major choreographies by well-known artists. Her most recent choreography Nritya Gangothri - A Dance of the Rivers, was very well received.


Based in NJ, she is dedicated to providing meticulous training to youngsters with a vision to impart the rich culture and heritage that are an integral part of this supreme art form, while emphasizing theoretical aspects for a more holistic learning experience. She has also conducted numerous Lecture demonstrations & workshops around the tri-state schools introducing this esoteric art form to the public. Among her notable presentations is the exploration of "Sprituality through Dance".