(The Rules of  Life)

 “VEDAS”  is an Indian classical dance presentation in the Kuchipudi style of  dance. “VEDAS” are the most ancient Literature on the planet, which is believed as the manifestation of divine words in human speech. This presentation is about the description of  Vedas, the contents of Vedas, the relevance of the “Om”  and other few important messages from the divine scriptures, which is very much relevant to the crisis faced by the present world. This humble trial to present the few drops from the Ocean like scriptures, Vedas in the form of dance, has been conceived and produced  by Ms. Sujata Vinjamuri, Director of Kuchipudi Art Academy of St.louis, the script for the dance has been penned by a renowned scholar  Dr. Pappu Venugopal Rao Chennai, India, Music for the presentation has been scored and sung by Jetty Ramesh and the choreography and direction is by Kishore Mosalikanti, India.

Participants: Mythreyi, Sailaja, Rohini, Archana, Praachi, Lalitha, Ravali gummi, Ravali Inja, Vinny, Amrutha, Payal, Heyli, Sunanda






Sujata vinjamuri has brought to St.louis the timeless art Kuchipudi in no small or compromising manner. A dancer of depth and intellect, sujata’s unique artistry combines elements of aesthetics, devotion and mysticism. Since a tender age, Sujata has been studying the very different styles under the tutelage of many distinguished gurus. She started kuchipudi with Ms. Sumathi Kaushal, and later perfected her styles under the personal tutelage of Dr.Vempati Chinna Satyam. Sujata also studied Kathak and Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Guru Gopal Rao and Ms. Uma Rama Rao. She holds a Masters from Osmania University and is currently teaching the Indian dance to over 40 students in her well established school Kuchipudi Art Academy of Dance St.louis. Sujata has conceived and produced various themes like BhagavadGita, Om Shanti, and Kundalini. She has received high critical acclaim for her performance in her thought provoking productions, both in USA and India. She has produced a documentary film “The temple and the Swan” a comparison of Kuchipudi and western Ballet dance, which was well received and appreciated by both the western and Indian audience.


Kishore Mosalikanti  hails from a family of artists. His learning experience under Padmabhushan Guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam at the Kuchipudi Arts Academy for more than two decades made him an accomplished dancer with a perceptive understanding of the nuances of the art, mastering the most advanced pieces of Kuchipudi repertoire, and a recipient of the rich experiences by performing solo performances and in his guru's ballets both in India and abroad. He has served as a teacher at the Kuchipudi Arts Academy as well and has conducted workshops at established Kuchipudi schools in the United States, a practice that he has continued ever since he has been on his own. He primarily teaches in Chennai, training young aspirants as well as prominent and well-established dancers. His corpus of choreography includes over twenty solo pieces, several thematic presentations, and Dance ballets.