Triveni is a collection of three great Indian stories depicting the strengths of truth, Kindness, devotion . This production is performed by Graduates of Soorya Dance Company - Anisha Gururaj and Sneha Bagawandoss ( both did arangetram in 2006), Mrunal Desai (arangetram in 2007) and Vidya Mantrala (arangetram in 2008). The will assisted by Vijayashree and Ramya Ajay - the two guest artists from India. Music for these performances is provided by Guru Prasanna Kasthuri, Prof. Nagamani Srinath and Seema Murthy

Story of Punyakoti - the strength of truth

This is the story of punyakoti who believed in truth as God.

In the heart of place named Dharani Mandala in Karnataka state lived a Shepard by name Kalinga.
He had bath in river and sat below the mango tree in the wee morning hours and played his flute to call all the cows. He cried loudly to call the cows Gange, Gauri, Tungabadre and Punyakoti.
All the cows gathered hearing his voice and the tumbler was soon filled with their milk.

There lived a tiger by name Arbhuda in the near by surrounding forest hill who was hungry for food.
All the cows were scattered when he sprang with a roar of thunder and anger.
Cow Punyakoti on remembering the hungry cry of its calf was in a hurry to return in order to feed her baby.
The cruel tiger quickly sprang to stop the cow thinking that he got his food for the day.
The cruel tiger roared in anger and said “I’m hungry; I will split you apart right now”.
The cow said “Oh humble tiger, my hungry baby is waiting for me back at home. Give me a minute; I will be back once I feed my baby.”
The tiger said “You are lying to me; you will escape if I leave you. I’m not a fool to loose my delicious pray.”
The cow said “Please believe in me. Truth is everything to me, I swear upon my parents and relatives. God will not forgive if we lie”.

It returned back to baby after convincing its promise to the tiger who wanted to kill it and told the baby about the incident.
The baby cried “With whom will I stay if you leave? Whose milk will I drink? With whom will I sleep? With whom will I live? Who will take care of me?”
The cow requested its group people and said “Oh my mothers and sisters please take care of my orphan baby as your own child. Please don’t pierce your horns at him if he comes in front of you and don’t kick him if he comes behind you.” Then the cow embraced its baby and cried in pain thinking that it’s going to be orphan.
Without making any further delay the cow left the calf and was soon standing in front of tigers den.

The cow said to the tiger “Oh tiger, I have returned back as I promised, I offer this body to you, my flesh, bones and hot blood are all yours, have them all and be happy”.
The tiger repent and tears rolled down on listening to what the cow said. It realized the sacrifice the cow had made for the sake of truth. It realized that God would never forgive him if he killed such a truthful cow and would never be happy by hurting such a innocent soul.
The ashamed tiger said “you are like a sister to me, what will I achieve by killing you”, saying thus the tiger sprang and committed suicide.

Happy with this, punyakoti returned to feed its baby calf. Called the Shepard and said “All my cow siblings and in your Shepard siblings may worship lord Krisna in sankranti”.
He is the only gracious one who protects.

Dokka Seethamma - Strength of Kindness

Dokkaa Seetamma was born in 1841 in Mandapeta. She was known by many as “Annapuurnamma”. This was because of her noble qualities like caring guests and serving them well. No one returned hungry from her home.

The dance drama revolves around an incident in which the local king came to test her persistance in serving the hungry. Once on a heavy rainy day, he disguised as an untouchable starting begging and shouting from the other bank of river Godhavari . His cry was heard to the compassionate soul of Seethamma. She made a quick food and took the food to him by crossing the river in heavy rain. When she came to know, he was handicapped, she fed him inspite of her getting socially outcast. She believed in humanity rather than the old caste system, which deprived many from equality. King was pleased and honors her with many villages, so she will never go out of resources in her work.

Krishna Tulabhara -  Strength of devotion

Sathyabhama was the beloved wife of Lord Krishna, who was the incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu himself. Sathyabhama was so possessive of Krishna, she always thought Lord Krishna was exclusively owned by her. Sage Narada comes in and suggests Sathyabhama, a rich Princess to buy over Krishna from Rukmini and other 7 wives of Krishna. So, Krishna will be placed on a Tulabhara (Balance) to weigh him and give an equivalent wealth. Sathyabhama pours all her wealth, still Krishna's weight was not matched. Narada calls upon Rukmini to buy Krishna from her wealth. Rukmini, the pious wife of Bhagawan Krishna, drops a Tulasi (Holy Basil) with devotion. The God himself comes down to the shear strength of devotion and obliges Rukmini. But kind hearted Rukmini, shares her lord with everyone including Sathyabhama. Sathyabhama feels ashamed and apologizes Bhagawan Krishna and Rukmini.