Dear Friends and Music Patrons,

Thanks for your enormous support in bringing the music festival for the second time.

Music is divine. It is a boon for mankind to enjoy the beautiful sound called music. As human beings we enthrall and get excited to the beats and to the melodies. Each part of the world has donated by its own style of music. With the advent of internet, everyone on this small globe are able to understand others music. This has only made the awareness of human intelligence and built an appreciation for each other.

All music systems has some important feature to provide to human listening. So does the Indian classical music system. They provide an enormous, yet aesthetical  Raga(melodic) system and Tala(rhythm) system, which is not found in any other system. It is called classical, because of its systematic understanding 7 learning of audible wavelengths of sound into a creative music. There are two music systems in India - Carnatic (from south India) and Hindustani (from North India). This festival tries to bring in elements of both styles together on one platform through great Gurus and their devoted students. 

Veteran vocalist Maharajapuram Srinivasan will come for the first time to St. Louis from Chennai, India. You will be treated with the melodious voice of St. Louis's own carnatic musician Seema Murthy Kasthuri. Prof. Sankaran Mahadevan from Nashville, TN, will sing also. Young saxophonist Murali Shyam, a, Indian American teenager, will present a Western instrument in Indian style.

Many well-known musicians from India such as Kalaimamani Prem Kumar, Ramesh Ramalingappa, Ganesh Kumar will be performing.

Legendary Sitar/Sarod maestro Ustad Imrat Khan will light the lamp. He also present his son in a short concert.  But also the St. Louis' s devoted teachers such as Guru Sharad Saathe, Guru Vidya Anand,  Guru Sandhya Pandurangi are becoming a part of this event.

Please come and enjoy this unique music festival in St. Louis.

We welcome all those who believe in the power of music.

Board of Director

Soorya Performing Arts