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Life could turn out to be undefinable, although we have definable parameters. We might be thinking to attain a utopian peace and an unrivalled eternal happiness, through these parameters and boundaries. Many times these parameters and guidelines will be insufficient and one starts feeling the need of a teacher or a source of intellect. We seek guidance from those who are enlightened thinkers, those who created amazing works of life, which shows us the path to true happiness. Sharanas, the thinkers, thought and taught many silver lining principles to cross the dark clouds of ignorance. Just like the juice in a fruit, fragrance in a flower, energy in ocean waves; these spiritual guides found the value of spiritual energy in human life. Great sharanas opened path breaking truths through their immortal vachanas, which are relevant to today's modern world. It is said, all these Sharanas or Saints came together to a congregation of intellect called Anubhava Mantapa, the hall of experience and discussed. They churned the experience to bring out the truth. Through these brain sharing activities, they found the everlasting principles for eternal happiness. Following such principles, will give any one the experience of true life; and a life of a true sharana as it was practiced during the days of Anubhava Mantapa in 12th century.

Soorya Dance Company of St. Louis, Missouri, is making a brave attempt to build the bridge between ancient thoughts of  Vachanas; to present life situation. With a fickle human mind the basic instincts remains ever challenging.

Vachanas shed the light of knowledge to attain a fulfilled life.

Anubhava Mantapa is a dance drama production - which runs for 85 minutes including announcements in south Indian classical dance style called Bharathanatyam

Choreography and Direction: Guru Prasanna Kasthuri

Contact 314-397-5278 for shows in USA

Contact 94480-74748 in India