FANAA (Destroyed in Love)

- The Dance Musical Production

This is a dance production, inspired by the story line of movie - "FANAA", acted by Indian actors Amir Khan and Kajol. Although, the story was kept as is, but the lyrics for musical was completely rewritten and the music was completely re-composed except for two songs, which were taken directly from movie. This was done as an experiment, to see, if a Bollywood movie could be brought down into a musical. As a matter of fact, it brought down a better version of movie on the stage, which focused on the issues of terrorism, religion and patriotism. A veil of humanity ran underneath the beautiful story, which has stolen millions of hearts.

India Tribune mentions the production as followed in its 2010 review of St. Louis Indian Dance Festival -

The grand finale of the festival was Fanaa (Destroyed in Love) by Soorya Performing Arts. Fanaa was a dance musical on love and war based on the conflicts in the Kashmir region of India. The musical, was based on the super-hit Bollywood movie, by the same name. The reversing of a movie such as Fanaa on stage was done with great enthusiasm. Guru Prasanna Kasthuri’s musical talent was very evident throughout the musical. Original scores of Lal Kila Aur Raaj Sabha and Dhoom Dadaka hai har taraf became instant hits. - India Tribune

Here are some of the pictures