Feedback from two Rasika

We are very grateful to all the patrons who came made the performance a great success - Board of Directors, Soorya Performing Arts


Feedback 1


Hello. My name is Ken Pollard. My wife, Kelley, and I were very fortunate to be able to attend your recent show, "Call of the Flute", at Coca Performing Arts last Saturday, August 25th. It was a great show!! We really enjoys ourselves. It was so nice to meet so many wonderful, friendly and gracious people. The actors, singers and dancers were simply wonderful. Every member of the cast performed well, and captivated the audience with their performances.


The music was outstanding. I truly mean outstanding. The entire production set was simple, and that highlighted and underscored the performers, allowing the audience to focus on each moment.


Thank you so very much for this gift. We are great fans, and would love to know more about Soorya Perforning Arts.


Bahut Bahut Dhanyawad...

Ken Pollard


Feedback 2

Seema, Prasanna,


I was most fortunate to have watched the Call of the Flute this evening. The performance was superb, captivating and refreshingly creative. All the artists, dancers and musicians showed expertise, great talent and excellence. The programme was soulful and the music was divine. Though I am not well versed in the language the theme was comprehensible and the emotions shown by the performers brought forth the story beautifully.


The choreography was scintillating and pure, I am familiar with Adyar Lakshmanan's dance style and I was happy to see the Kalakshetra

stamp in the dance forms, halfway across the world.


My heartfelt congratulations to a wonderful programme, thank you for inviting me to see it. It is most unfortunate that the entire town didn't turn up, I am sure they would have done so if they had seen a small sample of it. My sincere wishes to you both and I ardently wish to see more such ventures in the future. I pledge to offer any form of support for this kind of talent is very close to my heart and I will do everything I can to encourage it.


The children were magnificent! Sad that there wasn't more audience to encourage their talent and hard work. So happy and proud to see Anisha sing and dance with such ease and grace.


I happened to speak to an American school teacher on my way out of the show. She was absolutely stunned, very impressed and was full of praise and spoke for a long time about how great the performance was. She specially loved the music and the steps of the dancers to the beat of the 'percussion instrument' in her words since she didn't know the Mridangam by its name. She said it was a haunting experience and promised to bring more folks next tme.


Best wishes & Regards.

Uma Kolandai.