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The love and devotion of Radha towards Krishna is legendary across every household of India. Radha’s true love represents Jeevathma (Soul) to reach the Paramathma (God). Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who had to grow up in Gokula due to the threat of Kamsa.  Kamsa tries to eliminate Krishna by various means, but fails.  Gokula loves Krishna and worships him as he protects them every time from Kamsa’s threats. Meanwhile, Radha’s love grows towards Krishna.


Scene 1: Poet Pu. Ti. Narasimhachar narrates how he imagined Krishna’s magical melody from his flute.  He starts writing his poetry while dancers perform his poems. Gopikas (Cow-herd girl)   get attracted to Krishna’s flute music. Gopalakas  (Cow-herd boys)  rush to meet Krishna and BalaRaama to play with them. Listening to Krishna’s music, mothers forget their babies and wives forget their husbands, will be dragged towards the celestial music.

Scene 2:  Radha is searching for Krishna in Brindavana with her friend. Krishna also searches for Radha with his friend. Both of them meet and their friends leave them in privacy. Radha doubts Krishna’s love as Krishna approaches her with all the love and affection. Radha & Krishna dance and sing.  Meanwhile, all the Gopis and Gopalakas arrive and perform raas-nrithya with ecstasy.

Scene 3: Radha, Krishna, Gopis and Gopalakas continue their dance until Radha hears that her parents are coming in search of her. Radha runs and hides from her parents. When Krishna and his friends are unable to search Radha and he stops playing flute.  Krishna sits in gloom.   Meanwhile, Akroora arrives from Mathura requests Krishna to come and defeat the evil king Kamsa. Krishna’s call of responsibility takes over the call of love. Krishna leaves his music with people of Gokula and leaves the town. Radha rushes to stop Krishna’s departure from Gokula but it was too late. She will be left with his flute.  Radha sobs and feels that the flute is just a piece of bamboo without Krishna’s breath. She finds peace with the call of the flute from her own heart and worships Krishna forever.