This Dance-drama portrays one of the lords many divine sports(Leela), wherein he teases Bhagavan Adi Sankaracharya. In this story, which is set in Ahobilam, Bhagavan Sankaracharya instructs a naive hunter to capture Narasimha (Vishnu appearing in the form of being with a lion head and human body ). After considerable search, the hunter did capture Narasimha and brought him to Sankaracharya. However, Sankaracharya could hear the growl, but could not see the figure. He immediately realized Lord's message and with great humility surrendered to the hunter and to Lord Narasimha

Concept : Dr. Raghavan Rajagopalan

Choreography: Guru Prasanna Kasthuri

Music: Tirumale Srinivasan (Chami)

Duration: 30 minutes