WORKSHOPS - The objective of offered workshops are to increase the cultural awareness of children by introducing them to other cultures, languages, dance movement and customs. Soorya has interesting programs, such as

v      The Discovery Series - Targets on the Indian subcontinent’s culture, geography, history, dance and music. This series can culminate with a school performance.

v      "Words in action!" - Integrating poetry and dance in verbal and movement participation using the hand gestures and basic rhythms of classical dances of India. Appropriate for library and community center family programs or small school groups.

v      Yoga and Dance - A workshop dealing with hatha yoga, breathing and meditation combined with dance movements.

v      Music, Mime and Dance - a light-hearted lecture/performance for an entire student body which shows how music, mime and dance merge into the creation of a storybook ballet.

v      STEM - " Space-Time-Energy-Movement." Enhancing physical awareness by working with geometrical shapes and with dynamic rhythmical interval sprung into different energy levels in the movement. Includes verbal and movement audience participation.


MINOR SHOWS - Soorya offers short programs either by the entire performing unit or by students for and with different seminars and diversity events.