Sept 25 2010, Saturday 6
:30 PM

Clayton High School Auditorium

#1 Mark Twain Circle
St. Louis 63105

A mathematical dance to experience the Zero

Concept & Choreography
Prasanna Kasthuri

Music: Hemanthkumar & Seema Kasthuri

Dance Consultancy : Guru Pulikeshi Kasthuri & Sushma Mohan

Vedic Mathematic: Dr. Sharma (Bangalore)


Vocal: Seema Kasthuri
Nattuvangam (Conducting): Guru Pulikeshi Kasthuri
Violin: Hemanth Kumar
Flute: Jayaprakash Kannur
Mrudangam: Ramesh Ramalingappa
Lighting: Dr. Ashok Mallya
Stage Sets: Sridhar
Other Dancers: Annuja, Shalini, Mrunal, Prerana, Mythili, Maya & Anisha


Supported by Missouri Arts Council
Regional Arts Commission

Zero (Nothing)

There was a time which never knew how to add two numbers and get one number the same .....

There was a time where adding was most difficult for huge collection ..... as the numbers grew limitlessly..... taxingly .....

Until a simple man from Kusumapura ..... a place close to Pataliputra (Current city of Patna, in India)
 ..... broke the secrets of numbers with a new "NO" number .....


which later came to known as ZERO ......

His name is Aryabhata

... it is extremely likely that Aryabhata knew the sign for zero and the numerals of the place value system. This supposition is based on the following two facts: first, the invention of his alphabetical counting system would have been impossible without zero or the place-value system; secondly, he carries out calculations on square and cubic roots which are impossible if the numbers in question are not written according to the place-value system and zero.

... Aryabhata I's value of π is a very close approximation to the modern value and the most accurate among those of the ancients. There are reasons to believe that Aryabhata devised a particular method for finding this value. It is shown with sufficient grounds that Aryabhata himself used it, and several later Indian mathematicians and even the Arabs adopted it. The conjecture that Aryabhata's value of π is of Greek origin is critically examined and is found to be without foundation. Aryabhata discovered this value independently and also realised that π is an irrational number. He had the Indian background, no doubt, but excelled all his predecessors in evaluating π. Thus the credit of discovering this exact value of π may be ascribed to the celebrated mathematician, Aryabhata I.

Guru Prasanna Kasthuri delves into the mathematical aspect our lives through his movements
..... to be with one of greatest personalities of history of man kind ...
... a great human being and a great Indian ....


with his new dance production


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A mathematical dance to experience the Zero