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Testimonials from the Press

Times Of India 11.05.86.
"This young dancer has a flair for innovation within the conventional domains and is sure to go places of course with opportunities and experience".
"Artistic Achievement" - The Hindu – 07/18/1986 (On Prasanna's 24-hours Marathon recital)
It was a case of sheer spirit and enthusiasm. The 24 hours Marathon Bharathanatyam recital by young collegian KR.S.Prasanna of Shanthala Arts Academy at the Gokhale Institute, Malleswaram, was the first of its kind here. It does K.R.S.Prasanna proud as a choreographer or dancer but also as an original thinker as exposed in the way he planned and presented more than 80 items during 24 hours ......

Art, technique and involvement of the artiste go into make a successful performance. Prasanna's recital was a confluence of all these essentials of Bharathanatyam recital. He displayed his physical abilities which blended effortlessly with the poetic metaphors of the Natya Shastra and contemporary sensibilities ...
"Prasanna Glides" - 'Veena' - Times of India –7/ 8/1988
Prasanna's Kavya Kinkini was a refreshing welcoming change in the Bharathanatyam style, he presented Kannada classics and the modern poetry with a charming elegance.
THE HINDU – 05/06/1994 M Surya Prasad
A Talented dancer K R S Prasanna did well to present the theme of Astha Nayakas in “Shrungaara Nayakam”
Translated from Prajavani 07/14/96
Pulikeshi and Sushma are a unique brother-sister duo. Their uniqueness being in selecting new items to dance.
THE TIMES OF INDIA – 11/07/1997
A dance drama in the true Natya Mould.
Classical and folk center brings dance to the masses.
THE HINDU 02/07/1997 M Surya Prasad
The dance drama had various aspects of Bharathanatyam ..... the props were appropriate…..the nruthya and abhinaya were the shining aspects
St.Louis Post dispatch 11/05/2000
Its (Soorya Dance Company) lofty goal has been to enrich the cultural diversity and the artistic excellence in greater St.Louis area.
“Avataara” touches on themes from Hindu mythology, including that of the supreme force Parabrahman rising to quash injustice and evil.
Times of India Special report 02/01/2002
Movements that epitomize grace - A performance to be remembered.
"Eloquent Tale of Ekalavya" - The Hindu - Friday , 01/09/2004
"The Kasthuri Brothers - K.R.S.Prasanna, and K.R.V.Pulikeshi, dazzled in a dance drama woven around the mythological tale of Ekalavya in Mahabharatha... The unfolding of the story was based on Kuvempu's drama Beral ge Koral, as a tribute to the poet-playwright whose birth centenary is being celebrated throughout the state...The adaptation of the play to dance was rewarding ... Prasanna, who had major share in the performance, was at home in every aspect of Bharathanatyam...Pulikeshi excelled in the abhinaya portion ... There was an admirable harmony and co-ordination in their movements ..."

Testimonials from the Public

People called him Dhananjayan of Karnataka
- V.P. Dhananjayan Well known dancer after watching Anubhava Mantapa San Antonio
Sushma's choreography was outstanding. She has an amazing geometrical sense and she presents it excellently on stage during group compositions.
Nirupama & Rajendra -Well known dancer couple from Bangalore
- Sushma's choreography was outstanding. She has an amazing geometrical sense and she presents it excellently on stage during group compositions.
Mihir Chaudhuri Mid America Bengali Association BangaMela 2000 St.Louis
The performance as a whole, was superb, so were the performers.
Vice President, International Society of Krishna Consciousness. Feb 2002.
When we saw Sushma’s dance group perform “Vishwa Darshana”, it was like we saw the actual Vishwa Darshana of Lord Vishnu Himself.
YatiSivam, Classical Yoga Hindu Academy Manahawkin NJ
The Bharata Natyam at the Bridgewater Temple was a pleasure and honor to attend. It was a wonderful compliment to the Devi Navaratri.
Mark Boriek, Principal Fisheries Biologist NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.
At times I got the impression that the dancer was looking directly at me. This was especially true with Sushma’s dance. I imagine that everyone in the audience experiences the same thing when viewing a particularly talented artist. really enjoyed your dance.
Gale Yallop, Librarian Brick Library, Ocean NJ
Sushma Mohan was truly a joy to work with. I have gotten a slew of phone calls from the public asking for pictures and contact info. I have never worked with a group that I feel better about recommending.
Guru Dhananajayan, National dance Conference, San Antonio, 07/20/03 .
Prasanna is a wonderful choreographer, a musician and a dancer. He along with his group of talented dancers deserves all our applause.
Dr. Rajam Ramamurthy, San Antonio (On presenting the Natya Award to Prasanna) , 07/20/03
If there’s one dancer who can dance and hoist that spirit in every one to dance irrespective of their age it has to be Prasanna.
Audience at the Somerset County Asian American Heritage Dance Festival, New Jersey 05/31/03 .
We have never seen such a wonderful Indian dance performance so far.

Past Performances

  • Soorya Dance Festival, Kerala. 1990
  • Alliance Françoise, Pondicherry 1992
  • Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry 1992
  • Ankura Festival, Bangalore 1996
  • Karnataka Sangeetha Nruthya Academy National festival. Bangalore 1996
  • Mysore Dasara celebrations. 1998
  • ISKCON temple Annual Cultural Celebrations Bangalore . 2001,2002
  • Brahmotsavam, Tirupathi temple. 2002
  • Sangeeth Natak Academy national festival, Bangalore 2002
  • Hampi National Festival Nov 2002
  • Republic Day Celebrations. Govt of Karnataka Jan 2003
  • India tour of Beral Ge Koral Jan 2003
  • Performances with Lasya Dance Company UK 1990
  • Midland Arts Centre, BIRMINGHAM UK 1991
  • TRIBHANG troupe of Prasanna and Pulikeshi with musicians tours Holland , France and USA 1991
  • Subhadra Parinaya¨ a dance production choreographed by Prasanna is performed under the auspices of Soleie D’or of Paris , France
  • MANDAPA center, Paris1993
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at London 1993
  • Royal tropical Institute Netherlands 1993
  • Performances with Malathi Iyengar Rangoli Foundation , California 1995
  • Kumbhaabhisheka Mahotsavam at The Hindu Temple , Houston , 1995
  • Kumbhaabhisheka Mahotsavam at The Hindu Temple , St.Louis, 1999.
  • Banga-Mela St. Louis, 2001
  • International Veera Shaiva sammelana, Columbus Ohio ,2002,
  • Asian American Dance Festival – New Jersey May 2003
  • National Dance Conference organized by the University of Texas at San Antonio and Arthi School of Dance, July 2003
  • National Kannada Conference at Chicago Sept 2003
  • Bharathanatyam performances at the Indian temple at Detroit , Phoenix , Arizona , Dallas , Midland and New Jersey .
  • Dance Performances at Indian Associations at Austin , Texas and Pittsburgh .
  • "Rhythm in Motion” which raised money to donate some of its proceeds to the artists of New Orleans, who were victims of Katrina, through Regional Arts Commission of St.Louis. Sept 2005.
  • Performances for the victims of Tsunami Organized by Art of living
  • Performances for children with special needs with TASK (Team Activity for Special Needs).
  • Presented Indian Classical Dances at Asian Festival (Columbus, Ohio), International Institute's Folk Life Festival, World Fair Festival, St.Louis History Museums, Maryland Heights Festival, Union Station International Dance festival and Asian American Festival at Brick, New Jersey.
  • Performance in Newjersey festival

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