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Volunteer at the Festivals

The St. Louis Indian Music / Dance Festivals are organized entirely by volunteers, and we depend on community involvement to run the event in a smooth fashion. If you would like to volunteer at either the Festivals or in general by serving on , there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Read on for a sample of what we do, followed by instructions on how to sign up.

Volunteers have a variety of responsibilities:
  • Drive artists, volunteers, and equipment between the hotel and the venue
  • Artist pick up / drop off at the airport
  • Transporting Festival goods and suppliesFood
  • Collecting donations for meals
  • Providing Snacks
  • Working in food management like serving, clean etc.
Stage Management
  • Assist sound engineer and stage manager turn over stage between concerts, help with microphones, and recording setup
  • Helping in lighting design
  • Help with stage props, with lowering the stage props, by moving them in time during the show
  • Providing coffee, tea, and water backstage
General Assistance
  • Manage lines and participation order during individual singing
  • Manage music competition sessions
  • There are a variety of other opportunities that come up during the event where volunteers step in and lend a hand. If you are available, you can probably find something to do. Benefits to Volunteering
  • Add valuable volunteer hours to your résumé and/or college application (if you put in enough work, we'll even give you a letter attesting to your efforts).
  • Work with an incredible group of people who are passionate about the Festival, and fun to hang out with
  • Peek behind-the-scenes at what it takes to run an event of this magnitude, and take home lessons for similar festivals in your town
  • Free food on the days you volunteer
  • Other critical works include
Website Maintenance
  • Grant writing
  • Fund Rising
How to Sign Up
If you would like to volunteer at the Festival, please e-mail our volunteer co-ordinator Nirmala Renganathan ( with the following details:
  • What is your Name?
  • What is your cellular phone number?
  • What days/time will you be available to volunteer?
  • Do you have a valid driver's license that you can use to drive in USA ?
  • Will you have a car/Van available while you are at the Festival?
  • What languages do you speak/understand? (Some of our visitors do not speak English)
  • Are there any specific skills that you would like to offer to us?

If you have any questions about volunteering, please do not hesitate to ask either Nirmala ( or send a general email at

Thanks to our supporters

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