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Soorya Dance & Music School - Schedule - 2014/15


Welcome to the training center of Soorya Dance Company (SDC).

SDC offers classes to various levels of students and ranging skill sets. We offer lessons to younger kids as young as 5 years or to a serious dancer who wishes to pursue dance as a career or to an adult who wishes to learn dance for passion and fun. Our classes are tailored to fit your needs. But we focus on only one criteria - teach the students as perfectly as possible. We focus on the basics very devotedly. We believe the foundations are important for any learning.

Dance, music and theater activities will help the artistic abilities of a person and also develop focus, discipline and imagination. As the famous Albert Einstein, who once said - "Everything is in imagination" - was himself a great artist.

A better artist will have a better way to enjoy the life.

We welcome you to learn, understand, enjoy and impress others through the performing arts from India.

Our doors are always open to any keen student, who is interested in learning Bharathanatyam, Kathak and Carnatic music. We believe, these great art form will lay ground work to understand any kind of dance and music in the world.

Come and join us. We welcome anyone who is interested.

For enrollment please contact us.

Guru Prasanna Kasthuri & Guru Seema Murthy Kasthuri

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